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Gain an advantage with our property management services. We utilize our experience and we evaluate comparable rental properties to suggest a range of rental rates for your property. We are always aware of the current rental market conditions and are able to focus our efforts on Maximizing your Return On Investment (ROI). We have many years experience in the real estate industry and are well versed in evaluating properties. We will make recommendations on everything from routine maintenance to potential upgrades to the property with an eye towards property preservation and increasing your property's value, which will not only maximize your rental dollars but also insure strong equity gain should you choose to sell or exchange the property.

Advertising and Leasing Service

We advertise our rental listings on various Internet sites, our own property management website, and we utilize print media and signage. We thoroughly screen each perspective tenant, checking their credit (FICO score and debt/payment history), running a background check for criminal activity and eviction history. Additionally we run a VOE (Verification of Employment) and check references. Our experienced leasing agents prepare, administer and execute the rental agreement along with all other necessary disclosures to insure that all of our leases are in compliance with Colorado Real Estate Commission (CREC) rules as well as applicable Colorado statutes. Each lease is presented to the tenant in person and the terms and conditions of the rental agreement are clearly explained to the residents to minimize the incidence of misunderstandings of the expectations that we have for our tenants.. We document Move-in and Move-out conditions by doing a “walk through” with the tenant at the beginning and end of the lease period and we account for the end of the lease security deposit requirements.

Rent Collection Service

Our tenants have several methods of paying their rent available to them including on line payments through PayPal. Tenants are automatically sent email and letter reminders on the first day after the grace period expires. Therefore, there is never a valid excuse for tardiness and it is rare that we are compelled to waive applicable late fees.

Accounting and Reporting Service

We use state of the art computer accounting and reporting services so your monthly statements are complete, accurate and easy to understand. Each month you will receive a detailed income and expenses statement outlining the monthly transactions. At the end of each calendar year will receive an income statement consolidating each income and expense transaction by category, making your tax preparation easier.

Complete online property management system (OPMS)

Outstanding Property Management Services

Our philosophy is to procure outstanding tenants with whom we develop a personal rapport and to develop outstanding rental properties that tenants want to stay in for a period of years. Turning a property over to a new tenant every 12 months is costly to the landlord/property owner in terms of the vacancy rate, the success fee for re-renting and the wear and tear on the property. We prefer long term tenants and although we typically sign one year leases we encourage our property owners to offer the right to renew assuming the tenant has performed well on the lease. If the market conditions and property condition will bear it we also will try to negotiate small increases at renewal.

Residents may make rental payments from their checking accounts, credit card advance, or money order. Covenant agreements are monitored through random visits to the property evaluating basic cleanliness, basic safety issues, and any obvious mechanical and structural problems that may develop, as well as abuse to the property. Our owners and residents are immediately notified of any issues related to the property and residents are back-charged for any damages incurred, during their tenancy. We have an established relationship with an eviction and collection law firm that handles our cases if the situation would require any legal action.

We welcome your Inquiries

As a prospective new client, City Property Managers will provide you with, a no cost, no-obligation review and comparison of our management services. Contact us today for a complete evaluation of how we can maximize your property investment to work for you.

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